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An oak framed garage is a stylish, ageless, infinitely useful addition to your home.

The configuration is virtually endless; choose the number of bays, the roof type, the number of doors, the type of cladding, the ridge-height, the size.... a world of choice to ensure a garage uniquely designed for you.

Our oak garages are produced by our carefully selected partners, to your exact specification. They are then delivered to site for our experts to erect.


Raising the frame is an art form in itself and our experience in this field makes it look almost easy ....!


The oak frame can either be handmade or produced

by a Hundegger* - an amazing piece of machinery that produces millimetre perfect frames, whilst still retaining traditional features and jointing methods.

Watch the Hundegger in action here*

If you'd like an oak framed garage, please get in touch. Whether you have plans in place or whether you'd like some help to design your perfect garage, we are happy to help.

Originally based in Burton-on-Trent and now having moved to nearby Stafford, we cover Staffordshire, Derbyshire and the surrounding areas.

* Links kindly authorised by Hundegger UK and taken from

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